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Ugh! I cannot believe that this is happening!

Ironman Preview

I was lucky enough to be one of the small amount of the people that has already seen Ironman, slated to come out this Friday.

Bourne Ultimatum Theory (Update)

Well, some time ago I posted my theory about the plot line of the final Bourne movie. It seems that I was almost right. :) I just saw this wrap-up of the Bourne Trilogy this weekend. I will not review it because I do not have time, but here are my thoughts about my original theory.

The Bourne Ultimatum - Pre-Release Theory

Since I was just thinking about it, here is a theory have about the latest and final release of the Jason Bourne films, The Bourne Ultimatum. (And no, I have no affiliation with any part of the film industry, I haven't read any spoilers, books, etc.)

Movie: Peaceful Warrior

A couple of weeks ago, my girlfriend somehow happened upon the web site for a movie called "Peaceful Warrior". Knowing that I am a movie buff and perhaps thinking that she might like the movie too, she sent me a link to it. After watching the trailer for it, I was immediately hooked into wanting to see the movie. The trailer made me believe that this was a movie that was right down my alley.

Quick! It's an Emergenza!!!

My girlfriend and I went to BackBooth in downtown Orlando on Sunday (5/8/2006) to see our favorite group play for Emergenza, an international battle of the bands. You won't see Metallica here though. This is all local music playing for the honor of being the best.

Spank the Monkey!!!

This past week or so, Curious George opened in theaters across the country. I must say, that whatever I say here is biased since I am an avid Curious George merchandise collector already.

Elektra - Continuing Marvel's movie success

I just watched Elektra on DVD last night. Although I didn't pay attention when grabbing the DVD and I grabbed the Full Screen copy - I still enjoyed it. I fully intended to see it in the theater, but it proved to not be my fate. Instead, I watched in the leisure of my home with my family and our wonderful surround sound. As Tim Allen would say, "Oh-oh-oh..."