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My name is Will Strohl. I'm a former employee of DNN Corp., a leader, personal branding expert, technologist, gamer, and more...

DotNetNuke Skinning - Error: Could Not Load Skin

In helping a colleague learn how to create and upload DotNetNuke skins, I ran into an error that I was not used to. It was at first a bit frustrating until I stepped back and looked at it without rushing.

DotNetNuke Upgrade

I must say that I am thoroughly excited about the recent upgrades to DotNetNuke to bring us to version 4.05.00. There are a great many updates that address functionality and usability. Great job, Core Team!

Whoa! The New DotNetNuke (v 4.05.00) Installation Wizard is Awesome!

I have been using DotNetNuke since I first built my own portal just prior to the release of DNN 1.0. Although I didn't really jump on board until v3.x. Since then, we have all had ideas about how to make DotNetNuke better, but this time the Core Team has struck GOLD!

Yeah! The NEW blog!!!

Well, as you can see, the new blog is alive and well. I have just a few comments to make about it...

How To Implement the Client-Side DotNetNuke Calendar

There is a handy-dandy little calendar control that DotNetNuke (DNN) uses to insert a date value into a textbox control. However, it is not obvious in its usage. If you look at the source of any of the core modules or admin modules that use the control, you will see the following code in the HTML.

DotNetNuke - Get Tab Information from URL

I recently needed to retrieve Tab information from a URL for the Google Search Provider I am writing for DotNetNuke. (You can translate "tab" information into "page" information if you are not familiar with the term.)

DotNetNuke Google Appliance Search Provider

I have begun writing what I hope is to become a Google Appliance Search Provider for DotNetNuke. I have looked (Googled) for such a provider for several weeks now so that I might save some development time, but no such luck yet. The good thing is that I will be able to make this provider do what I want it to from the beginning. :)

DotNetNuke > EntitySpaces

In case you do not get the meaning of this blog title, DotNetNuke is greater than EntitySpaces. :)

Initial DotNetNuke Setup - Host & Admin Security (Part Duex)

While performing some upgrades after finding out that the FCKeditor integration for DotNetNuke has been released, I realized that I forgot something in my original blog on this topic.