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My name is Will Strohl. I'm a former employee of DNN Corp., a leader, personal branding expert, technologist, gamer, and more...

Initial DotNetNuke Setup - Host & Admin Security

I have learned an extraodinary amount of information during the last few months in rolling out DotNetNuke to an entire school district. While the rollout is only in its initial phase, there have been some interesting developments.

Just to amuse myself...

Right now, I am building a new web site for my girlfriend. Those of us who are in the business of building web sites are constantly looking at security. One of those security areas are login pages. This is one of the more popular avenues of attack by many hackers. And why not? If the hacker and/or his software can just guess a username and password combo and get in to mess things up, then why bother with trying to get access to the database directly? Unless there are deeper motivations... However, I am not too concerned with those motivations on my girlfriend's family site. There shouldn't be any credit card or ssn numbers in her database. Hehehe...

My New Site is UP and running!

Woo hoo! After a horrible battle with my current web host, previous web host, and the online registrar of my domain, I finally have everything up and running! It only took a month.