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My name is Will Strohl. I'm a former employee of DNN Corp., a leader, personal branding expert, technologist, gamer, and more...

Regular Expression - Date

I have another one for you! This one will validate a date within the current century. This should be sufficient enough for most current applications.

Microsoft AJAX 1.0 - Common Error

I began playing with the Microsoft AJAX 1.0 features today with an actual project instead of simple test scenarios similar to the AJAX videos offered on the ASP.Net web site. I am using AJAX controls to make an asynchronous call to my server which in turns calls an external web service and repopulates a textarea control. The first click of the button that submits the call works perfectly. The call goes out, and in just 'sec my SOAP response is shown in the textarea without a hitch. However, this is where a big brick gets thrown through the window!

Simple, Quick AJAX Thoughts

I have been using AJAX for some time now, though I do not code AJAX as you might think. I have been using the AJAX tools provided from Telerik to do so. Their tools have been straight-forward and easy to use much like any other web control. However, right now I am evaluating whether I should continue to use these tools with my most current project or move on to using Microsoft's AJAX tools. I have been looking through the "How To" videos at the following URL and I must say that this is a very interesting take on providing AJAX tools to developers. However, I believe that there is still too much for the developer to do upfront to always use these tools for your .Net AJAX needs.

Migrating Development Software from .Net 1.0 to 2.0

ARGH!!! I have been having the worst time trying to install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 on my development machine at home. Since I had already been burned in the BETA initiation when I installed at work, I already knew to uninstall any .Net 2.0 development software before I began installation (BETA or not).

How To: Use JavaScript to Set the Page Position

First of all, sorry that I haven't posted in a while. I know all of my readers (namely - ME) have missed me deeply. I hope to find more time to release thoughts and whatnot soon. If you are a web developer who deals with some kind of server-side programming, I am sure that at some point or another you will find this post useful.

How To: Display All Server Variables (ASP.Net)

There are many instances where you might want to either write all of the items in the Server Variables collection, or at least be able to step through them. For instance, you may want to know use this information as part of the text returned from a feedback form to let you know what the user's settings and referring URL were. Or, perhaps you want to know this information as part of an error handling schema you have developed.