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My name is Will Strohl. I'm a former employee of DNN Corp., a leader, personal branding expert, technologist, gamer, and more...

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Out with the old and in with the new...

Well, today was my first day at a new job. After being there for 5 years, it was a tough decision to make. I will miss you guys (and gals). For now on thoughout my entire blog, whenever you see me refer to guys or you guys, please know that I am referring to my beloved friends at my previous employer.

Holy Web Site, Google-Man!

Have you heard of Google Pages?

Spank the Monkey!!!

This past week or so, Curious George opened in theaters across the country. I must say, that whatever I say here is biased since I am an avid Curious George merchandise collector already.

Just to amuse myself...

Right now, I am building a new web site for my girlfriend. Those of us who are in the business of building web sites are constantly looking at security. One of those security areas are login pages. This is one of the more popular avenues of attack by many hackers. And why not? If the hacker and/or his software can just guess a username and password combo and get in to mess things up, then why bother with trying to get access to the database directly? Unless there are deeper motivations... However, I am not too concerned with those motivations on my girlfriend's family site. There shouldn't be any credit card or ssn numbers in her database. Hehehe...

My New Site is UP and running!

Woo hoo! After a horrible battle with my current web host, previous web host, and the online registrar of my domain, I finally have everything up and running! It only took a month.

How To: Use JavaScript to Set the Page Position

First of all, sorry that I haven't posted in a while. I know all of my readers (namely - ME) have missed me deeply. I hope to find more time to release thoughts and whatnot soon. If you are a web developer who deals with some kind of server-side programming, I am sure that at some point or another you will find this post useful.

How To: Display All Server Variables (ASP.Net)

There are many instances where you might want to either write all of the items in the Server Variables collection, or at least be able to step through them. For instance, you may want to know use this information as part of the text returned from a feedback form to let you know what the user's settings and referring URL were. Or, perhaps you want to know this information as part of an error handling schema you have developed.

Friggin' Gas Prices

I was on my way back from lunch with a couple co-workers and we were coming up on a gas station. Immediately, one of them got excited and exclaimed, "Gas is $2.19 here!" Our gas situation for the past 6 years has been very upsetting for me. The most obvious reason would of course be the amount of money that we keep having to fork out for gasoline. The secondary reason is because I know something CAN and SHOULD be done about it by our government. Gee, I wonder why nothing has been done...

Another one disconnected from reality

I just read a quote in MaximumPC from a game developer. If it is true, then my nightmares of customer service extinction are true as well.

What happened to PARENTING?!

I have read several articles recently about a bill going through and getting passed in the house "preventing teens from buying violent or sexually explicit games". If you just leave it at that, then it sounds wonderful, right? How about NO! What is really happening is the so-called "hands-off" republican and conservative base looking for more brownie points during their politcal career. There used to be a time when these types of things were left to the discretion and responsibility of parents.