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My name is Will Strohl. I'm a former employee of DNN Corp., a leader, personal branding expert, technologist, gamer, and more...

So Sorry...

I know I haven't posted any new blogs lately... As the saying goes, I have been really busy.

Drive it like you stole it - NOT!

I wanted to share an experience I just had with a major car repair chain. I have only boycotted 2 companies so far... Here goes number 3!

I Met President Bill Clinton Today!

I was at the CTIA Wireless Convention this week in Orlando. There are very prominent business people who were giving keynote speeches each morning. Today, we instead had the Former President George H. W. Bush and Former President Bill Clinton.

Leadership Lost and Found

We have all noticed in our places of employment times when we look at the actions of a manager, director, or officer within the organization and thought something like "what are they thinking?" At worse times, this supervisor may be your own. Experiencing this from your own supervisor firsthand will indeed have a lasting effect on your life. If you have ever had any leadership training, this impact would likely be multiplied several times over.

Absentee Parenting 101

I just came across a topic that I know I MUST let you know about. I have blogged about parenting one time before. I am going to do so again. However, I should do it much more often. Watch any news program or playground and you will be slapped in the face with how obvious it is that the word parent is no longer applicable to most of today's "guardians".

My Truck

I was recently asked for pictures of my truck. To give you a bit of background on it, the bearings were bad in the original engine, so I was forced to let my truck sit for a while. Well, two and a half years later, several thousand dollars later and many new parts later (including an engine), you can see what she looks like now in my picture gallery. Enjoy! (If the pictures suck, blame my girlfriend. It was her first time using our new camera.)

My Online Family Photo Album is Posted

FYI - The link has been to the right --> for a few weeks now, but as of tonight I have just completed posting all of the newest pictures. Take a look! Enjoy, but don't steal! :)

Family Photo

My daughter Paige has come to visit. Here is a family photo of all of us! Pictured (from left to right): Kohen, Kimbereley, Me, Paige, Kariann

Update... and Code Camp

Well, it has been (once again) a while since I last posted. A bunch of cool things have happened. My new job is going well, I got my truck fixed and repainted (photos to come soon), and I have been working (which is playing to me) hard.