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My name is Will Strohl. I'm a former employee of DNN Corp., a leader, personal branding expert, technologist, gamer, and more...

HOW TO: Use Localhost With an Actual Domain Name

Sometimes when you are programming or debugging a site, or even when you are using certain 2rd party controls, you cannot effectively do so unless viewing the site using an actual URL. "Localhost" might be causing grief in any number of ways. Here is how to mask or fake a domain name...

Orlando .Net Users Group

Woo hoo! The very first Orlando DotNetNuke Users Group is about to occur. I cannot wait! I have high hopes for this users group. Especially due to the great examples of other user groups in the area.

Single XML Schema Element with a Single Attribute

First of all, happy holidays to everyone that celebrates something this time of year. :) I have been hand-coding quite a few XML schema files (XSD) recently. Writing it is easy enough, but I just ran into what seemed like a very thing to write - that is until I actually begun to write it.

DotNetKicks - Funny Error

Hahaha... Sorry, it is still quite amusing to me. I just finished scanning a really good article on the strengths and weaknesses of the Web Form model. I liked it so much that I wanted to "kick" the author through DotNetKicks, and I received this error... (Click the thumbnail to see a larger view of the screenshot.)

Argh!!! Internet Explorer 7 is the DEVIL!!!

Can you picture Kathy Bates' character in 'The Waterboy' saying, "Look out, Bobby Boucher... Internet Explorer 7 is THE DEVIL!" I certainly can...

Google is Creating a Phone

There has been rumors for some time now that Google has been patiently developing plans to release a cell phone to the market. Well, it appears that this is true.

Visual Studio Error: Unable to write to output file...

If your Visual Studio crashes as much as mine does, you have invariably ran into an error stating "Unable to write to output file [filepathandname]: Unspecified error". At first, this error really ticked me off, as it left me with no path to troubleshoot and correct the error.

Safari: It's Still for Jungles Only *UPDATE 2*

I forgot to mention yet another tid-bit about this Safari release...

Safari: It's Still for Jungles Only *UPDATE*

I just wanted to hit on a very good point when it comes to the Safari web browser... SPEED.

Safari: It's Still for Jungles Only

A friend and colleague just sent me a link to the download page for the Safari web browser. I was instantly impressed that Apple is attempting to make their web browser a serious player in the Internet world by making it a cross-platform player, but I am equally not impressed with this release.