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Interesting! Google Trends... What EXACTLY is it telling us?

I found out about Google Trends some time ago and I briefly played with its features, but I had forgotten about it until today when I read about it again in my current issue of Maximum PC. In reading it, I finally thought of a good reason for me to use it.

Google Trends Update

I found a couple more of the more popular portal web sites (CMS), and I found using Google Trends that DotNetNuke is still at the bottom of the "trends" shown on Google. Hmmm... I then took DotNetNuke out of the trend and here are the results.

Leadership Lost and Found

We have all noticed in our places of employment times when we look at the actions of a manager, director, or officer within the organization and thought something like "what are they thinking?" At worse times, this supervisor may be your own. Experiencing this from your own supervisor firsthand will indeed have a lasting effect on your life. If you have ever had any leadership training, this impact would likely be multiplied several times over.

Absentee Parenting 101

I just came across a topic that I know I MUST let you know about. I have blogged about parenting one time before. I am going to do so again. However, I should do it much more often. Watch any news program or playground and you will be slapped in the face with how obvious it is that the word parent is no longer applicable to most of today's "guardians".