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My name is Will Strohl. I'm a former employee of DNN Corp., a leader, personal branding expert, technologist, gamer, and more...

DotNetNuke Popularity - Revisited

A while ago, I tested the popularity and name recognition of DotNetNuke against some of the other CMS products out there. Being a fan and loyal user/developer of DotNetNuke projects (not the Core projects), I was quite disappointed.

FCKeditor Not Rendering in DNN

I had an instance recently where the FCKeditor would not display in any browser. Instead, I was greeted with nothing in non-IE browsers, and in IE I was greeted with the unwanted "Internet Explorer cannot display this webpage" page.

Getting Froggy! Err... Going Green!

With all of the talk these days of going "green", and all of the supporting data flying around, there is no denying that we need to each begin doing something to help out ourselves and those we care about in the future...