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My name is Will Strohl. I'm a former employee of DNN Corp., a leader, personal branding expert, technologist, gamer, and more...

Iterating Through to Find Invalid XML Files

In one of my DotNetNuke sites, I have a folder full of XML files. Some had become invalid recently. Here's how I tracked them down.

Consider These Forum Posting Guidelines

There have been some "interesting" discussions happening on the DotNetNuke Forums recently, so I thought I'd touch on a couple of points that were being missed throughout all of the chatter.

Shopping At Lowes? Buyer Beware

Don't worry. Lowes is not on my boycott list yet, but they may snag you with a financial customer service snafu...

Speaking at the Next Space Coast SQL User Group Meeting

I was invited to speak at the next Space Coast SQL User Group meeting. Of course you know I will make it all about DotNetNuke...

Happy Day For the DotNetNuke Community

Yesterday, I kinda vented about a press release that the DotNetNuke Corporation sent out.  Today, we have a happy end to that...

My Day Today: DotNetNuke Highs and Lows

Today started out innocently enough.  But it was clearly a day for me to remember, as far as my DotNetNuke involvement goes...

DotNetNuke Version 4.09.02 Released

Just moments ago, Joe Brinkman posted the newest version of DotNetNuke for the community to download.

ODUG Presents: Chris Hammond in Orlando, Florida

This year has become an all-star year in terms of speakers for the ODUG.  Our next meeting features DotNetNuke Core Team Member, Chris Hammond.

How to Upload Restricted File Types in DotNetNuke

I am answering a common question on the DotNetNuke forums. There is a bit more to think about when uploading a restricted file type, other than just enabling it.

Using jQuery to Highlight (Select) All Text in a Textbox

Since DotNetNuke adopted jQuery into the DNN core, I have been using it. Here is another tip for a common scenario.