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My name is Will Strohl. I'm a former employee of DNN Corp., a leader, personal branding expert, technologist, gamer, and more...

Friggin' Gas Prices

I was on my way back from lunch with a couple co-workers and we were coming up on a gas station. Immediately, one of them got excited and exclaimed, "Gas is $2.19 here!" Our gas situation for the past 6 years has been very upsetting for me. The most obvious reason would of course be the amount of money that we keep having to fork out for gasoline. The secondary reason is because I know something CAN and SHOULD be done about it by our government. Gee, I wonder why nothing has been done...

Another one disconnected from reality

I just read a quote in MaximumPC from a game developer. If it is true, then my nightmares of customer service extinction are true as well.

What happened to PARENTING?!

I have read several articles recently about a bill going through and getting passed in the house "preventing teens from buying violent or sexually explicit games". If you just leave it at that, then it sounds wonderful, right? How about NO! What is really happening is the so-called "hands-off" republican and conservative base looking for more brownie points during their politcal career. There used to be a time when these types of things were left to the discretion and responsibility of parents.

What has happened to Customer Service?!

Customer service is something that each and every consumer once took for granted. Now, most business owners, and supervisors wouldn't recognize it was if it hit them in their groins. It has seemingly become an endangered species.

The same type that will run a red light

This is the same type of person that will run a red light 2 seconds after it turns. By the way, I know who this is. He preaches cancer awareness and wears a Lance Armstrong bracelet, but smokes whenever he gets a chance. There is a word for that, but and not sure if I can say it...

The Patriot Act Strikes Again

Recently we in Central Florida have made the national news spotlight again. If it were only for a good reason this time... Over the years, we have been featured for many things, but I am having a problem remembering the last time it was something positive. Yes, we dealt with not having sufficient support and supplies following the hurricanes last year, but that is about it.

Elektra - Continuing Marvel's movie success

I just watched Elektra on DVD last night. Although I didn't pay attention when grabbing the DVD and I grabbed the Full Screen copy - I still enjoyed it. I fully intended to see it in the theater, but it proved to not be my fate. Instead, I watched in the leisure of my home with my family and our wonderful surround sound. As Tim Allen would say, "Oh-oh-oh..."