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My name is Will Strohl. I'm a former employee of DNN Corp., a leader, personal branding expert, technologist, gamer, and more...

FREE DotNetNuke Skins for Download

Many of you often look for a free DotNetNuke skin to download and use for a specific purpose. It may be an uninportant site, a test site, etc.

How To: Loop Through Controls and Change the Label of a Checkbox

From time to time we need to do something that the .Net framework doesn't immediately expose to us (without some finagling). In this instance, I wanted to override the attributes that the labels generated by the CheckBoxList webcontrol. However, I only wanted to modify this one instance of it.

Dynamically Creating a DataTable for Bindable Times

I came across a requirement where I needed to create a DataTable of times for a project. This table didn't need to take up any space on the database since it would never change. The times would need to be listed in 30 minute increments for each hour of the day. This would then get binded mostly by dropdown lists.

.Net Error: The specified path, file name, or both are too long.

Here is an error that kind of irritates me only because Microsoft should have thought this one through. However, we find ourselves thinking or saying that more often then we'd like, huh?

DotNetNuke Skinning - Error: Could Not Load Skin

In helping a colleague learn how to create and upload DotNetNuke skins, I ran into an error that I was not used to. It was at first a bit frustrating until I stepped back and looked at it without rushing.

DotNetNuke Upgrade

I must say that I am thoroughly excited about the recent upgrades to DotNetNuke to bring us to version 4.05.00. There are a great many updates that address functionality and usability. Great job, Core Team!

Whoa! The New DotNetNuke (v 4.05.00) Installation Wizard is Awesome!

I have been using DotNetNuke since I first built my own portal just prior to the release of DNN 1.0. Although I didn't really jump on board until v3.x. Since then, we have all had ideas about how to make DotNetNuke better, but this time the Core Team has struck GOLD!

Yeah! The NEW blog!!!

Well, as you can see, the new blog is alive and well. I have just a few comments to make about it...

Whoa! Free Image editing program!!! (Paint.Net)

Now, I am sure that this post will generate some comments (sent or not) about GIMP. I have not used GIMP because at home I have a full version of Photoshop CS. However, at work right now I do not have any image editing abilities other than what the standard "Paint" application and Microsoft Office offer. Nearly everyone knows that those options are horrible. I tried installing GIMP some weeks ago, but the install conflicted with a GAIM/Jabber (now called Pidgin - that story is yet another reason to HATE AOL) installation I have and I really do not want to mess with that.

Regular Expression - Validating Time

I am just an amateur when it comes to regular expression, but I plan on getting a whole lot better at it. There is too much potential there to not want to use it more often. I just came up with a regular expression pattern to validate time format. It has some small checks incorporated for valid times, but it is not 100% inclusive.