Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Photograph : Anti-Sand Castle

I remember watching a program some time last year about the best beaches in the United States.  Of the best beaches, a handful of them were in Florida.  We have a favorite that happens to be on the west coast of Florida, but is unfortunately not on the list. 

Out of fear of ruining it, I will not tell you which it is, but you may guess if you'd like.  I'll give you a cookie if you guess correctly.  This beach is our favorite because it is easy to get to, is never crowded, has plently of room, nice sand, beautiful water, and always perfect weather.  Thinking about the beach not being crowded, I now realize that it not being on that list is a GOOD thing.

Anyhow, this is Kariann, playing with the sand castle toys.  I do not know what we bring them.  Neither of the kids ever actually try to make a sand castle. 

During post production, I brought out the blues in the sky, and brightened Kariann since the sun is behind her.  I also sharpened the image.

Anti-Sand Castle

Anti-Sand Castle

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