Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Photograph : Self Portait With My Buckaroo

So it goes....  I am bored, the camera is in hand, so I begin experimenting with it.  This time I found a feature that I for some reason kept missing before. 

My camera has a view finder that swivels out and then swivels in a circular motion to allow you to hold the camera in many different angles to capture all kinds of shots.  I found it extremely useful when I met George H. Bush and Bill Clinton.  There was a huge crowd there, so when I wasn't in the front of it, I was able to hold the camera above everyone and still aim efficiently.

Back to the photo...  Kohen and I were goofing around, "Take a picture of that Daddy."  He would point out all kinds of things.  Then, on a whim, I turned the view finder so it was facing me at the same time that the camera lens was.  I could not believe I never tried that before!

That led to the shot you see here.  No post production work was done to this image.

Self Portrait With My Buckaroo

Self Portait With My Buckaroo

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