Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Some Green Observations

Not long ago, my woman and I went to eat at Red Lobster.  While sitting at our booth, I noticed that the lights at our table were using compact flourescent lightbulbs.  I immediately got excited!  "Could Darden Restaurants be taking a responsible role as a company," I thought.  Well, my elation was soon trampled when we asked for containers to box up our leftovers.  We were given a plastic bag and styrafoam containers.  Ugh!  I guess it is all about the money after all... But don't you know that you can't do business on a dead planet?

My second observations was at of all places, Walmart.  But it was a Walmart grocery store.  I was walking around and began walking toward the freezer section.  I noticed that it was darker there in comparison to the rest of the store.  All of the rfeezer lights were off.  It was a bit spooky when I first got there though.  The lights came on in the first coolers that I reached.  Then, the lights came on in the next set of coolers as I reached those.  I quickly realized that there were motion sensors turning the cooler lights on when they detected a person.  The kids loved playing with them!  A big kudos to you, Walmart (even though you are almost always the last store that I visit).

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