Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Something Smells in the State of La Quinta

When we first walked into our room at the La Quinta in San Antonio, we noticed that there was a stuffy and unpleasant smell about the room.  Because it smelled foreign to us, we just chalked it up to cleaners.  We stayed there a total of 3 days.

During this time, I found that I needed to take my Zyrtec again.  (I will blog more on this later.)  I hadn't really needed it since we arrived in Texas.  The things that I am allergic to are not really in the air here I guess.

On the final night, Kim finally began to investigate the room for the smell.  It eventually led her to look behind the dressed in the middle of the room.  When she did, she noticed mold everywhere behind the dresser.  It was crawling up the lamp cable, on the wall, and on the floor. 

Our La Quinta Room Number

Since it was late, and we had already been dealing with it for this long, we decided to wait until the next morning to report it when we checked out.  The clerk appeared to be genuinely distrubed and concerned about the mold issue, and filled out a maintenance form right away.  I am sure that the problem is solved by now.

For the future, we plan to check the room immediately upon walking in - just in case.  Mold gets to some people more than others, so I encourage you to do the same.

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