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Midland Airport Adventure

To begin our trek back to Orlando, we had to fly back out of the Midland International Airport.  International?  Heh.  Yeah right.  There are about 6 gates to the entire airport!  The baggage claim, car rental, and check in are all in the same place.  There are two floors to the building that houses the airport, and there is an escalator and elevator to take you to each.  At the top of the escalator is the security check point.  So many people come through this airport that it takes about 5 minutes to get through the check point. 

Midland Internation Airport (sign)
(Kim took this picture.  Hehehe...)

Anyhow, I was wearing my Green Travel Hub shirts throughout my vacation.  The security staff were inquisitive about what it was.  So I told them.  Any other airport would not have time to even ask.  Anyhow, I told them all about Green Travel Hub, RezHub, and how we are the first online travel company that is really trying to make a difference in the world, and be a responsible company.  You can check out more about us on our web site.

Me in my Green Travel Hub t-shirt

We had to check in early due to our hotel check out time, and the car rental return time.  Our plane was set to leave around 5:30 PM local time.  I resolved to begin catching up on some of my blogs and enjoy a beer.  Well, first thing's first...  Kim and Paige were hungry, so we got them some food.  We all ate together, and while they ate, I enjoyed a Bud Light Lime.  (Those are pretty good!)  When I finished, I began looking for a recycle bin.  I felt that I might find one because I have been seeing them around a lot of places.

After walking around for a moment, I decided to ask the staff.  I approached two staff members that were just chit-chatting and ask them if they had a recycle bin.  They laughed at me, and then asked where I was from.  I am not sure what they expected, but when I replied, "Orlando," they were kind of taken back.  At that point they just apologized and said that they just throw things away.  Oh well...

During our meal time, I had the laptop up and I was trying to get connected to their wireless network.  I saw about 7 of them, and two were labeled public.  I could only connect to one, but it didn't actually get me to the Internet, and the other was only 802.11b.  Grrr...  I asked where the intercom told me to, and found out that they don't actually know anything about how to connect to the wireless network.  Nice!

We ate and I had written one or two blogs (in Notepad!) when we found out that our first layover had delayed our flight 2 hours due to inclement weather.  Ugh!  Time for more beer though.  Woo hoo!  (Now it's Samuel Adams.)

While we were waiting I found out that another family sitting near us was going to Orlando too.  However, we were just ending our vacation, and they were just starting theirs.  We helped them in picking out some things to do in Orlando.  I also ended up telling them about Green Travel Hub as well since they were comparing things to their chosen booking service, Expedia (that's right - no link).  They were very nice.  I hope they enjoy their stay in Orlando.

Well, we luckily were able to get onto the plane without any further delays.  However, I began boarding when Kim reminded me that I had not closed out my tab.  Whoops!  I had to run back through the boarding ramp and go back to the bar to close out my tab.  Since the Midland International Airport is small, I was able to get there and get my tab closed out in no time flat. 

That was about it.  Now, I have to look forward to landing in Orlando on a red-eye flight, and still go to work tomorrow.  :(  I am so glad that I love what I do.

Since the vacation is over, I can get back to blogging about DotNetNuke® - and not boring you with my personal life.  :)

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