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Review: Quantum of Solace

It was date night tonight.  Kim and I went out to have some alone fun.  With the kids at home, it was "no holds barred!"  Well, not really.  But we did have a good time. 

I will blog about the dinner some other time, as it was pretty amusing to us.  It was a first fine dining experience.  Let's just say this, I do not think we belonged.  ;)

Anyhow, the point of this blog is to let you know the Quantum of Solace was.  Let me prefix this though with my view on the James Bond franchise.  I grew up watching 007, and I loved the films.  Every generation seems to have their Bond, and mine is Roger Moore.  However, even though Moonraker was nothing to write home about, 007 was never the same to me when Moore was gone.  The production company proceeded to take the franchise into the crapper.

The newer ones were so bad with Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan, that there wasn't even enough postive buzz to get me to watch them on cable.  That's bad!

Well, not long ago, a co-worker persuaded me to watch the first Daniel Craig Bond film, Casino Royale.  I must say, that if not for the Bourne films, the 007 franchise would still be a dud.  That movie was fantastic!  It had enough of everything in it to keep even the biggest skeptics at bay!  There was a very well orchestrated combination of all of the things we love, romance, action, thriller, mystery, and of course scenery.  It seemed that Bond was reborn, and I had a new favorite James Bond.

This newest edition of James Bond proves that you should never fix what's not broken.  While the previous movie had a well thought mix of content, this one seemed to focus almost entirely on the action.  Don't get me wrong, I love action.  However, that is not enough to make a movie stand on its own.  I can easily paralell this to the martial arts films in the 80's, but with better actors.

Instead of being drawn into the realistic yet make-believe world created by Ian Fleming, I was constantly finding myself thinking about everything that the dialoque did not say.  It seemed that for every minute of dialogue, there were 10 minutes of action and scenic shots.

That being said, I still liked the film.  And as with every action blockbuster, this one is probably best seen in the theater.  If all you care about is action, I do not think that they left one stone unturned.  There were explosions, guns, hand fights, knife fights, car chases, plane chases, motorcycle chases, boat chases, women fighting men, skydiving, building to building jumps, foot chases, torture, people thrown through glass, and probably every other combination of action that I forgot to mention.

Come to think of it, the only thing this didn't have was nudity.  It didn't need it.  There was enough suggested nudity to still allow you to bring the kids to the movie without the need to cover their eyes.

Overall, go ahead and see it, but make it a matinee, and don't waste your time with IMAX.

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