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Thoughts and Review of the OPASS Meeting

OPASS is the SQL Server user group here in Orlando.  They are run by Andy Warren.  Andy does a ton of things in the SQL Server community and also runs a few successful businesses at the same time.  I don't know how he does it. 

The meeting was held in the teaching space of End to End Training, one of Andy's businesses.  (On a side note, I attended one of their training sessions, and it was fantastic!)  The room was plenty big enough and had everything that a speaker or attendee might want.  However, there were monitors all over that kept you from seeing or effectively communicating with folks sitting in the other rows without standing up.

Andy and I had a back and forth in e-mail after he attended the last ODUG meeting about networking, and how to get the people that show up to talk to each other in a meaningful way.  We both kind of shrugged at possible solutions, but it would appear that he found one.

His UG format is different to what I am used to.  The meeting opened up with food, and open discussion about various topics led by Andy.  Then, he asked us all to get up and speak to the folks around the room.  We all did just that, and I must admit that in both watching and participating - I noticed that it really worked!  Homerun goes to Andy Warren.

The speaker was Jonathan Keyhayias, and he spoke about the Top 10 (8, actually) T-SQL Performance Tuning Tips.  The tips were really fantastic.  I have spoke to Jon a few times before at SQL Saturday's, and he certainly knows his stuff.

Overall, the meeting was a really fun time, and I must admit, that it was 100% due to Andy's effort to get us to network with each other.  We all talk about networking, but we rarely DO it when we are in an actual social setting.

Thanks for having us, and putting on the meeting, Andy!

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