Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Watched InkHeart Tonight

We are lucky enough to get tickets to see various movies before they come out.  Tonight's movie was InkHeart, starring Brendan Fraser.  It appears by all accounts to be some sort of Disney-like magical film that kids of all ages will enjoy.  This was not the case, really.

There was nothing of any explicit nature to make me think that the movie was not suitable for children.  I just think that elementary age children will not enjoy the plot.  However, the magical moments of fire and story book creatures might have kept their attention, had there been more of it.

All actors did a great job, accept for the girl playing Frasers daughter.

While there were plenty of moments where the audience laughed, the laughter was low.  The movie was good enough to keep our attention, and the special effects were outstanding.  There was nothing impressive about the sound or score though.  :(

All in all, if you want to see the special effects, go to the movies.  Otherwise, wait for the DVD.  That being said, it is definitely worth two hours of your time, though maybe not worth the nearly $10 per person that theaters are charging these days.

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