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Movie Review: He's Just Not That In To You

We lucked out and won tickets to see a sneak preview of He's Just Not That in To You, starring lots of people.  We met a couple of friends there as well.  Overall, it really was an enjoyable film.

Basically, the movie follows several people throughout the plot.  All of the characters are either directly, or indirectly related (not family) at some point in the plot.  While the movie definitely is written from the perspective of a woman, the writers did a great job of integrating many moments to entertain those of us who stand to pee.  ;)

The cast is definitely an ensemble cast, including: Ginnifer Goodwin (Walk the Line), Scarlett Johansson, Justin Long ("I'm a Mac"), Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Connolly, and Drew Barrymore.  As you can see, the casting director really has a thing for "Jennifers", no matter the spelling.

Connolly and Aniston are beginning to show their age, and Ben Affleck looks different somehow in this film.  I think Aniston has a spray tan in this movie, or else the lighting just never complimented her skin tone.

This movie was a typical chick-flic, and does nothing to be unique.  The script is highly predictable.  Nearly every character has a happy ending.

Being a sneak preview, we were in a packed theater.  It was very easy to tell that men were in the minority in watching this film, as every time that a guy did something he wasn't supposed to, we heard gasps everywhere.  If a guy did something romantic, a resounding, "Awwwww..." was heard.

All of us guys can go to this movie and get something out of it.  However, if you are not in a secure relationship and you go with your significant other, you might have a few uncomfortable moments.  Enter at your own risk. Hehehe...

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