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Movie Review: Star Trek (2009)

My family and I were luck enough to get tickets to see a screening of the new Star Trek film this morning.  Sneak previews are nothing new to us, and in knowing that, we are usually at least 1-2 hours early to get a good place in line.  Today, we were incredibly lucky, in that we arrived after the line went through, and the movie theater opened a second theater to allow everyone to see the film.

I have not been excited about anything “Star Trek” since I was a young child, and I am for the most part not a fan of science fiction.  However, the trailer for this film did a great job of intriguing me, and getting me excited to see the movie.  I could not wait to see it today!

This installment of the Star Trek franchise takes us back to the beginning, to show us were all of the characters of the U.S.S. Enterprise came from, and how they came together to be crew members on the ship.  I have never read any of the books or other materials on the Star Trek characters, or their spin offs, and I have only watched the original series, and Star Trek: The Next Generation.  That being said, there were a couple of things that surprised me about the movie.

First, Uhura (Zoe Saldana) was supposed to be a love interest to Captain Kirk (Chris Pine), right?  In the movie, it was Spock (Zachary Quinto).  Second, I don’t remember Captain Kirk being as daring or adventurous as he is in this film.  Finally, there were a ton of people in this movie that you’d recognize from many different movies and shows.

Throughout the movie, the writers and Director made sure to hammer it in to us over and over again how reckless and thrill-seeking Kirk is.  We saw several scenes where he would be sliding off the edge of a platform of some kind, seemingly about to fall to his death, only to grasp the edge of the cliff or platform.  We were shown this over and over.  Thanks, J.J. Abrams, we get it.  Kirk is a tough guy and always jumps before thinking.  No need to story board it more than once or twice.  But since you did, I can complain about it.

That one gripe aside, I am absolutely enthralled and excited for the next installment of this film franchise!  That’s right!  I cannot wait to see the next one, and this one is not even in the theaters yet!  Wait… One more gripe.  All of the main characters had their cheap pops.  It appeared that the writers forced the characters lines into the movies.  So much so, that they usually appeared to stick out, gently bringing you out of the movie for a moment.  So, when you hear, “I’m giving it all I’ve got, Captain,” think of me.  ;)

The family and I loved this movie through and through.  Each scene had just enough action, and just enough humor.  I was pleased to also see plenty of character development.  The editing and visuals were incredible!  I think the sound wasn’t as great as it could have been.  The visual effects were stunning and seamless when working the live action into them.  I was impressed on the sound in a few parts though.  Whenever the movie conveyed that a person was outside of a craft in space, the film sound was nearly silent.

Something else I noted was how well the casting was done.  They did an outstanding job.  Not only did they choose great actors with great skill, but they also had a decent resemblance from the original character actors.

Overall, considering the visual effects and the scope of the film, I strongly suggest that you see it in the theater.

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