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RezHub.com and the Dream Green 2009 Giveaway

Each year, my day job gives away a free green vacation to a lucky winner.  If you don’t know who my employer is right now, it is RezHub.  We are the first travel website to offer green options to all travelers, without forcing people to camp in the Amazon.  :)  In all cases, we don’t even need the traveler to think green, as we do that for them through our donation program. (And for my DNN readers, our site is 100% DNN!)

Last year, the Dream Green Vacation Giveaway was to a beautiful resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico, called Hacienda Tres Rios.  You can read more about their green vacation on our Dream Green site.  We have pictures, and their e-mail posted on the site.  Needless to say, they had an incredible vacation.

This year, we are giving away a vacation to the majestic island of Hawaii.  This years winner will enjoy a stay at one of our greenest hotels, the Pacific Beach Hotel [website], on the Pacific coast with a great view of not only the beach, but also the nearby mountains.  We are also including a $350 voucher, courtesy of our partner, Hertz.  They have sponsored the choice of any of their cars from their Green Collection of cars.  All of which have incredible gas mileage.  Though I hope they have hybrids in Hawaii by then.  (I love the Prius, myself.)

This is incredible!  I wish I was eligible to win.  :(  Oh well, I guess I will just have to be happy for someone else’s dream vacation.  I cannot wait to see their pictures and hear about their experience.  Go to our Dream Green giveaway website for more details.  Hurry though, because the drawing is on October 31st!

Dream Green Vacation Giveaway by RezHub

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