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RezHub Begins a Chat on Twitter, Focuses on Green Topics

RezHub : Green Travel, Discount Travel, Volunteer Travel Being employed at RezHub definitely has its perks.  The biggest perk is that I get to do fun and exciting things for a great company!  One of the most recent things that we just started is moderating a chat using Twitter.  I know, I know…  That already sounds odd to you.  A chat on twitter is not all that different from a conventional chat room.  With this being our second try at this idea, we feel pretty good about it.

RezHub's GreenChat Twub Page If you don’t already know, RezHub is a discount travel provider.  We provide booking options for hotels, rental cars, and flights.  Just to give you an idea, even though I work for a travel company, I still pay for travel.  My money is important to me.  Like you, I don’t have an unlimited supply of it.  I always use RezHub.  I have rarely found another site with a better deal.  Enough of that though…

While we provide discount travel, our real passion is to be a socially and ecologically responsible company.  One of the many ways we feel we are accomplishing that is through our #GreenChat.  Our intention with the green chat is to provide a forum where like-minded people can share their ideas and opinions about green topics.  Even if you don’t know anything about the green topics we bring up, you can follow the dialogue, and learn more about it.  You can join our chat every Wednesday at 2pm EST.

In the twitt world, this means nothing to you, because you can continue to use twitter how you already are, and still participate.  All you need to do is add the following text to the end of your tweets, “#greenchat.”  (Known as a hashtag.)  Consider the following example:

It is a great idea to recycle your bottles and cans, even when you’re on vacation. #greenchat

Today, we spoke about:

We had some great participation, some new followers, and great information.  You can read through the green information and videos that were posted in our twub.  What’s a twub?  Let me tell you!

RezHub Uses Twubs.com

Twubs: Media Section Highlighted A cool way that we found to make this more fun is to use a website called Twubs.  The cool thing about this site is that it’s integrating content from other social sites without any additional effort on your part.  For example, if you post a video from Vimeo or YouTube, it will show up in the media section on your page.

Additionally, if you use TwitPic when posting your pictures, it will pull those to this same media section.  This is an automated process.  All you have to do is what you’re already doing.  Just add “#greenchat” to your tweet.

I have conversed with the Twubs staff, because there are other media sources that I prefer over these.  They have plans to integrate more.  So, contact them to let them know which ones you like to use.

Some other cool features would benefit any organization.  Once you get verified, you can rebrand the page (to a point), and you can also add your own logo and description to the hashtag.  Another part of the verification allows you to create and specify aliases to your hashtag.  This is especially useful if your hashtag is easily misspelled.

Twitter users can tweet directly from the page.  The tweet section allows you tweet directly from the page, inserting shortened links, videos, and pictures.

Twubs: Tweet Section

Twubs: Members and Join Anyone on twitter can also join your twub, displaying them as a member on the page.  This is a very visual way for your followers to benefit from participating in your twub.  Unfortunately, the only way to join the twub is through your twub page.

Twubs: Links Section Your organization can also add related links in the links section.  This is a great way to aggregate one or more links that your twub members might be interested in.

There are two more options that get even better.  Twubs utilizes a tagging system to help new twubbers find twubs that they might like, or other twubs similar to those that they might already be a member of.

Twubs: Tags Section

Twubs: RSS Section Finally, there is a feature to consume one or more RSS feeds that your members might enjoy.  For example, you can consume the RSS feed for a related news or blog site.  In my example, you can see our Green Travel Blog feed consumed.

Pretty cool, huh?  At RezHub, we are very excited about social media and the interaction we have with our friends through these various websites.

RezHub Social Media Hub

RezHub: Social Media Hub We are so excited about our participation with our online friends, that we even created a page on our website that connects all of our social network accounts in a single place.  This is our Social Media Hub on RezHub!

Check it out and let us know what you think.  I love it!  From a glance, you can see what we’re doing on all of our social sites.  You can see our friends giving information on our Green Travel Hub Facebook page, and information on our greenchat twub as it gets posted to twitter.

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