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Beef O’Brady’s: I Went Nuclear On My Wings

I usually like to boast that I don’t fall for the standard forms of advertising, like commercials, radio ads, magazine ads, website banners, etc.  In fact, most times I wouldn’t be able to tell you anything about an ad that was just shown or played.  However, I couldn’t help but listen intently every time a Beef O’Brady’s ad played on the radio recently on my ride home from work.  The first time, I only caught the end of it when it said a phrase that I always welcome, “the hottest pepper in the world.”  Luckily, the good folks at the radio station saw fit to play the same ad again during the next commercial break, where I would hear the rest of what they had to say.

As it turns out, I heard the phrase right the first time around.  Apparently, Beef O’Brady’s had just reformulated their “Nuclear” flavor of their wing sauce using a pepper called the Ghost pepper.  I am a huge fan of the Habanero pepper.   I cook with it, I make ground pepper for shaking, salsa, and a very special hot sauce – all from this delicious but scorching hot pepper.  I simply love it!  Needless to say, heat and food are synonymous to me.  Beef’s commercial stated that they had a challenge.  If you can eat 15 of their Nuclear wings in 15 minutes or less, you get a free t-shirt.  I simply couldn’t help myself.  We went there that very night!

Everyone else at our table ordered normally, but the server kept trying to make sure I knew what I wanted.  I am used to this.  Whenever I go to a wing place for the first time, the servers simply cannot believe that I’d order their hottest wings.  This was slightly different though.  Apparently, I was the first person who was asking for their challenge too!  The server went away to find out all of the details of the challenge, had me sign a waiver, and then put in our order.  Unfortunately, our order seemed to take forever to get to us.

The Rules

Here are their rules for the nuclear wing challenge:

  • Eat 15 wings in their nuclear sauce in 15 minutes or less
  • You cannot have anything to drink, or you’re disqualified
  • You must be timed by an employee
  • Successful completion of the challenge results in a free t-shirt

The Food

Beef O'Brady's: Nuclear Wings Finally, the food came, including my wings.  They brought my wings out last, so I could be monitored.  :)

Our server was given a cell phone by another server to use the timer application it had.  Right when he said, “Go,” I began to bite into my first wing, when he immediately told me to stop.  I had nearly bit off my first chunk of meat before being told to stop!  The phone was a touch screen, and went into screen saver mode – effectively making it useless to the non-owner.  Another employee stepped up to sit with us, and I was well on my way within a couple of minutes.

Beef O'Brady's: Nuclear Wings (finished) I wasn’t sure what my pace should be, so I started fast with the first 5 wings.  Once I found out that I was still under 2 minutes with the first 5 wings, I slowed down.  I wasn’t concerned about time anymore, so I just ate the wings and talked like I usually do.  As I continued through the rest of my wings, a small crowd of employees began to form around me.  I had no idea that many people worked there!  It seemed that there are twice as many people working in the kitchen, as there are servers.  The crowd continued to grow until I had 3 wings left.  They began to disperse at that time.

Nuclear Wing Challenge Time I finished the wings in no time at all, at 7 minutes and 37 seconds.  To be fair, while they didn’t phase me too much, they were indeed hot.  This challenge would have indeed been a challenge if it were 21 wings in 15 minutes.  Right at wing 15 is when my lips begin to feel the effects of the capsaicin in the sauce.

After only a few minutes after finishing my wings, I had my hands washed, my beer in hand, and my newly acquired t-shirt!  It was worth it! :)

Will Strohl holding his new t-shirt, "I went Nuclear on my wings at Beef O'Brady's"

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