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Use jQueryPad For Your jQuery Editor


This will be a quick post.  I just wanted to let all of my readers know about a tool that Rob Chartier found today.  It’s called jQueryPad.  This is an editor built specifically for jQuery developers to use to build out any jQuery code that they want.  Although I have two specific features on my personal wish list, this tool is outstanding!

jQueryPad is a free and open source application, written in WPF.  As a result, it’s only available for Windows, but that shouldn’t be a problem to most of my readers.  The only downside to how it is distributed is that there isn’t an installer for the program.  You can put it nearly anywhere on your computer though, and add it as a shortcut to your start menu, or task bar.


There are several features that will immediately make you happy with the tool:

  • Able to change the version of jQuery used
  • HTML pane to add snippets to run code against
  • jQuery editing pane
  • Temporary file saved in memory
  • Ability to open in your installed web browsers
  • Quick running of the code by pressing F5 on your keyboard
  • Integrated tips to help you learn any shortcuts to the program

Missing Features

I really wish that there was an installer for the program.  Even though it takes minimal effort to make it usable on your system, this is extra time that should not be necessary.

There is no intellisense.  However, judging by the comments on the download page, this will probably be the most requested feature for a future version.

If you write any code that throws a JavaScript error, there really isn’t any error-handling.  It would be very nice to see these errors trapped and bubbled up to have a meaningful UI response for the developer.


That’s about it….  Overall, I am more than pleased with jQueryPad.  I have already begun using it to test how I write jQuery, including with the Widget Suite for DotNetNuke.

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