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Widget Suite for DotNetNuke Project Website Launches

Widget Suite for DotNetNuke (banner)

The Widget Suite for DotNetNuke launched in late November of 2010 with a very simple purpose.  I wanted to document a few of the widgets I had created for technical presentations, and make them easy for others to use.  As with any other open source project that sees a little success, I had no idea how popular it would become – nowhere near as successful and DNN mind you – but unexpected just the same.

The project’s code continues to be hosted on the Codeplex website.  This allows all 3 project contributors to easily share the code base, and work on it at the same time, all the while saving and documenting any changes to the project.  This will not change.  Codeplex is great for that.  It is also great for a simple discussion and support tracker.  However, the rest of the needs of the Widget Suite are no longer being met, so the project members and I have agreed to launch a new site that is dedicated to showcasing the widgets in all of their glory, and make it easier than ever to document the individual widgets.

Announcing DNNWidgets.com!

As mentioned above, the projects needs have partially outgrown the capabilities of the Codeplex website.  Don’t get me wrong – the codeplex website is really an outstanding site – but we have the need to demo our product, and the Codeplex site really isn’t designed to do that.

While there is still plenty of work to get done, the Widget Suite is now hosted at DNNWidgets.com

DNNWidgets.com Homepage Screen Shot

There are many goals to this website.  We are still working on getting the live demos done, but we also wanted to:

There are more goals and even plans to make the existing content even easier to read and use.  We only have so much time in the day though.  ;)

Some of the modules that went into this site were: URL Master by iFinity, NewArticles by Ventrian, DDRMenu by DNNGarden, DigMeta, and of course some of our very own widgets.

We are very proud to have Armand Datema (2DNN) as part of the team.  He has been nothing short of a savior in terms of being able to put together and implement an outstanding skin and logo for us.  If you haven’t seen the site yet, go.  It’s simply incredible!

I of course cannot end this blog post without thanking Applied Innovations.  They are very generously hosting our website for FREE!!!

What are you waiting for?  Visit our brand spanking new site!!!

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