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Telerik Insider Program

There has been a program offered by Telerik for some time now, where they will sponsor speakers to give presentations to user groups and code camps.  This was partially an effort to further ensure the quality and existence of user groups since they saw a decline in user group activity in 2008.  The list was never very long, but until now, I didn’t realize how short the list really is.  Telerik announced their Insiders Program today.

Telerik Insiders

The program lists several top-notch speakers who are available to speak at various community events, their bio and abstracts (when available), and any events that they’re already scheduled to speak at.  I am very proud and honored to say that I an in their list of insiders.

Telerik Insider Program Home Page

When I was originally tapped to be in this program, I was concerned since my primary topic of choice tends to be DotNetNuke, but they are completely understanding and accepting of the various talents and passions that their insiders have.

You don’t see my list of abstracts on my bio page there right now, but you will in the future.  Some of the other insiders already have abstracts and appearances listed to make it easy for you to see the availability and specialty of each presenter.

While it’s great to boast about something like this because of how exclusive it appears to be, I cannot honestly sit here and do that without acknowledging that I didn’t make it to this list all on my own.  Like many of you, I’ve had mentors and a strong family to back my journey up and get me to where I am today.  With readers, supporters, user group members, community leaders, and others – I couldn’t accept this exceptional honor to be a Telerik Insider!

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