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What Microsoft Thinks the Future Looks Like

Microsoft's Vision of the Future

Gizmodo originally publish an article where they editorialized the most recent video released by Microsoft.  They even took a light-hearted jab at them, joking about needing a lot more hand sanitizer due to touch interfaces.  I would be more concerned about there needing to be a lot more screen cleaners everywhere to counter-act our greasy fingers!

The compelling thing to me about this was not just the vision that Microsoft has – which is compelling to say the least.  It’s also the art of presentation that they used to effectively communicate their vision.  They used simple video elements, animated simulations, resonating situations, and more to show productivity and other potentially life-changing features that they feel are on the horizon.

This video does many things that most presenters need to think about when building their presentations.  Yes – even a blog is a presentation!  They effectively use the mentioned techniques in their chosen medium to instill an emotional attachment to their topic and their brand.  This is something that I wish more people could do so well…

Enjoy the video below. It’s just over 6 minutes in length.

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