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Public Speaking Videos Including DotNetNuke Demonstrations

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It’s always been a topic, but even more so recently…  People are asking more and more about various things that relate to public speaking.  Whether it’s for user group meetings, code camps, DotNetNuke World, meetings with colleagues, or strategic business meetings with partners and prospective customers – public speaking is a critical tool to have honed and in your professional toolbox for your career.  Honestly, many of us believe that we are good at speaking in front of an audience, or at least good enough.  This first part of the year, I took it upon myself to build some presentation-style videos to explore and teach some of the most important components for public speakers.

I joined DotNetNuke Corporation in June of 2010.  I was already speaking at many events before accepting the position.  I had countless public events as well as business-centric presentations under my belt.  While I knew I wasn’t an expert at public speaking, I knew that I could hold my own and get things done.  The position I took was to not only do some of the very things I was already doing, but it also entailed representing a brand and company that I was pretty much obsessing over.  The last thing in the world I wanted to do was misrepresent the brand in any way through my presentations.

As a result, I quickly did some research to find out who the “experts” on public speaking were.  I found a small handful of people that specialize in the topic and not only authored books, but also had businesses based on the subject.  Some of my favorite include Garr Reynolds and Nancy Duarte.  I literally spent many hours reading their books, attending live webinars, reading their blogs, and more learning what they had through real world experience.  I had already blogged on their books in the past, and I invite you to read them as well.

What I put together over the past couple of months is the beginning of a larger amount of resources that are intended to help everyone, and especially the DotNetNuke community, become better at public speaking as well.  Introducing, the public speaking series of videos on the DNN YouTube playlist…  The channel is also embedded below.

As of today, there are nearly 2 hours of videos that introduce ideas, experience, tips, best practices, and more that all help you to ensure that you always have the best presentation possible, regardless of your audience.  The videos start from the very beginning, and continue through to DotNetNuke demonstrations.

There are of course plans to add more resources just like this.  Hopefully, you enjoy this as well.

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