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South Florida Code Camp 2013 Session Resources

Will Strohl & Dave Noderer at South Florida Code Camp 2013

There’s really nothing bad I could possibly say about any code camp in Florida.  Community leaders like Dave Noderer make such a thing impossible.  They are so amazing in their ability to organize a fantastic event.  South Florida Code Camp 2013 was just as amazing as this code camp always has been.  This is about my 3rd or 4th time presenting here.  It just gets better and better!  This blog post is mostly about the resources for my sessions though.

I had two and a half sessions that I presented.  The first session was alongside Ryan Morgan of Arrow Consulting & Design, a gold partner in the DotNetNuke partner program and the founder of Arrow.  I have known Ryan as long as I’ve known DNN, so it was nothing short of an honor to finally present along side him during the first session that introduced DNN to a nearly full room of attendees.  We even had a DNN-hater in the crowd that we managed to turn around into a DNN-lover.  Him and his co-worked stayed for the remainder of the DNN track!  This session didn’t really have any resources for you to download here.

Build a DotNetNuke Module in Minutes!

My next session was geared to show attendees how fast they could be up and running with DotNetNuke module development. We covered the architecture of the past and the architecture of today.  Then, we built a module using the wildly popular module templates built by Chris Hammond.  This allowed us to use the new DAL2 method of building DNN modules.  We literally had a usable module up and running and packaged in minutes!  This session has a slide deck that attendees might be interested in having, as it had a bunch of references in it.

Probably the best thing about this session was how packed the room was!  There were all kinds of new faces of people that wanted to learn about DNN and how to create modules.  There were even a few people that were interested in building modules for the Store.

DotNetNuke Makes your Website and Web Application SOCIAL!

I may have given this session a few times before, but it has more and more meaning as we get closer to the launch of something you may have heard called “Nebula” at DNN World 2012.  I spoke to the attendees about why social is so important, showed them the existing social features, and then showed them how easy it is to integrate with those features.  Finally, I briefly told them about the great things that are coming.  We had Will Morgenweck at the DNN Corp table where he was showing off the upcoming social release.  People were so excited at what they saw… It was awesome!

This session did have a slide deck with several resources. 

In Closing…

In closing, I just wanted to thank a few people…  First, Dave Noderer for putting on yet again one of the best code camp events I’ve been to.  Ryan Morgan and his folks at Arrow Consulting & Design for sponsoring and helping with the DotNetNuke track.  And also Jess Coburn and Applied Innovations for supplying the critical display adapter we needed at our own sponsorship table.  There are plenty of other people to thank for the code camp, but you’d get bored in a heartbeat. 

Keep your eyes and ears posted for the next DNN event…  And let me know if you have one! 

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