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DNNCon Presentation: Easily Build Customized E-Commerce in DNN Featuring Hotcakes Commerce

Hotcakes Commerce Swag at DNNCon 2014

The past few weeks have been a blur for us here at Hotcakes Commerce for quite a few reasons… We were highly involved at DNNCon Palm Beach 2014. This is the third consecutive DNN event that we’ve sponsored and attended. We not only sponsored this time, but we also co-organized, provided a training track, presented 2 sessions, and emceed the event. It’s always great to participate with the DNN community and this time we took it to a whole new level.

A General Wrap Up

Overall, the trend seems to continue. DNNCon Palm Beach 2014 was the most fun and successful one yet. Registration and attendance records were yet again broken. Half the attendees raised their hands when asked if this was their first DNNCon event. Sponsorship was at an all-time high both in terms of donations, as well as vendors in booths at the event itself. There were attendees from as far away as Nigeria and Singapore. Place of Hope had a higher donation than last year. Let’s also not forget that there were also more rum cakes at this DNNCon than ever before! (Thanks to Clint Patterson’s amazing mother!)

Place of Hope Charity gets a donation

If you attended, you definitely felt the vibe and had a great time – from the ice cream social, to the closing ceremony prizes – it was a great time had by all and we got to learn a lot at the same time.

Our Session

I gave a session about Hotcakes to show just how easy it is to begin building an e-commerce website with our product. We can’t say that enough… We make things easy. For everyone. This isn’t very true both within and outside of the DNN ecosystem.

I first gave everyone an overview of what Hotcakes is and why it exists. I then spoke about how we’re not just another vendor. We are a real company, with a real team, and our only focus is e-commerce. From there, I dove into how easy designers can customize the look and feel of Hotcakes using contemporary web standards. We had a ton of great questions, so we didn’t complete the final demo, but I think we got the point across.

You’ll find our presentation below, and a video of this presentation should be available on the DNNCon website in another week or two.

Download the Presentation | Free Trial of Hotcakes

Thank You

As a company and a product, we of course participate with one of the goals being to market ourselves and maybe get a few sales out of it at the same time. This is the same for all sponsors.

We just want to thank the overwhelming number of people that were doing our job for us. We definitely felt the love. Not only did we hear people talking about us in general, but Tony Carter (Carter Solutions) gave a great session that included Hotcakes, and Cassidi Brickner (10 Pound Gorilla) gave a session that was almost exclusively about Hotcakes. DNN Corp co-founder and VP of Technology gave us a few plugs during the keynote. The bottom line is this…

We very much appreciate the support you all have provided to us as we make e-commerce something you can do again in DNN. We are very excited to continue to make you proud and even take it to the next level next year.

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