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Presentation: DNN Database Tips and Tricks

Hotcakes Commerce Presents: DNN Database Tips & Tricks

If you’re arriving to this blog for the first time, you may not know that I’ve been working with DNN nearly since it was released.  That’s well over 10 years of managing DNN sites of various sizes, purposes, and deployments.  This experience has ranged from businesses that run on the platform, to running subsets of an organizations web properties on it, and more.  During my consulting days, I saw all kinds of DNN sites.  This wide range of challenges has resulted in learning a large number of things – including how to leverage SQL Server to solve problems in a creative way.  That’s what this session was about.

One could spend all day long discussion this topic, but I only had about an hour.  So, I chose the following topics in this area:

  • Clear Space – How to reduce the amount of space that some tables take up in your database.
  • Change DBO Role Owner – Sometimes, you can’t use a desired username in your database because it is the same as where it came from.
  • Change or Replace Themes – There are cases when you need to either fix skin assignments from administrators, or roll out a new theme.
  • Database Object Sizes – Running a query to determine what database objects are too large.
  • Take Over a Site Locally – Automating the task of preparing an inherited site to be used in support or development environments.

We also had time to delve into another topic…  Wiping out the entire database using SQL scripts, instead of deleting the database and creating a new one.  This has come in handy for me when managing a DNN site in shared hosting environments on multiple occasions.

David Poindexter recorded the meeting, so keep an eye on the @QCDUG twitter account if you want to watch it.  I am sure they’ll make an announcement when it’s ready.  In the meantime, the slide deck and SQL scripts we went over a linked below.  Enjoy!

Download the Presentation

Download the SQL Scripts

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