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Presentation: Building a DNN Module in Minutes

Central California .Net User Group Meeting 20150319

I’ve always been passionate about helping people learn more about DNN and use it in new and creative ways.  I noticed that Sean Gahan was giving a presentation at the Central California .Net User Group in Fresno, CA.  (They told me this area is also called Clovis.)  I immediately contacted the, because I was hoping that they might be streaming the user group meeting.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case, but they invited me to speak. 

Sean of course presented on DNN development, and they asked me to take this into a deeper level.  I began by giving an introduction of DNN and it’s architecture.  Then we walked through using the Christoc module development template.  The demo was finished off by walking through the example solution I have that demonstrates what the environment might look like for team and enterprise development.  We capped things off by discussing some best practices.  Something I kept trying to highlight was how much code that they don’t have to write anymore.

The meeting was held at a place called Bitwise Mural District.  The name and the look from the outside was deceiving.  I had no idea what to expect, but it ended up being one of the coolest co-working spaces I’ve been to.  It was like walking into a well-funded San Francisco start up office.  I’ve been to tons of code camps and user group meetings across the country, and this was one of the coolest venues for a user group meeting.

If you’re in the “Clovis” area, I highly recommend this group.  The format is very laid back, and highly informative.  It doesn’t hurt that the folks in this group are all fun, smart, and incredibly interested in soaking up and sharing information.  Oh, and my favorite attendee was Dilbert!  (See the photo above.)


You can also download the PDF of the presentation.

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