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DNN Hangout - April 2015 - Meet the DNN-Connect Association

DNN-Connect: Peter Donker, Philipp Becker, Vicenc Masanas

We’ve been doing the DNN Hangout for almost a year now.  The primary focus for each hangout is to help the community know what’s going on in the community and the overall ecosystem.  This hangout seems to have captured that focus far better than any prior.  We invited the founding members of the DNN-Connect Association: Peter Donker, Philipp Becker, and Vicenç Masanas.  In this hangout, we learn more about the founders, what DNN-Connect is, and about the very near DNN-Connect 2015 event.

Want to Be on the Show?

We are always looking for new people to be features on the show.  Please let me know in the comments of via email if you’d like to be on the DNN Hangout.

Next Episode

Next month we will be speaking with Mandeep Singh from Mandeeps.  He’s going to walk us through the most recent release of the Live Forms module. 

Site of the Month

We had a site of the month to feature this month, but I decided to postpone this segment to the next episode so that we had more time to speak with our 3 guests during this hangout.

If you would like for your site to be featured in an upcoming hangout, please let me know.

DNN Hangout with DNN-Connect

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