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DNN Hangout Special Episode - October 2015 - Building Modules Using the DNN 8 SPA Pattern

DNN 8 SPA Module Development Pattern

Every now and then, we throw in a special episode of DNN Hangout.  These special episodes are normally by request of you or another viewer in our audience.  This time, we didn’t need to wait for a prompt…  With the announcement of the DNN 8 module development contest, we already knew that people would be more than eager to get started… but before you can get started, you probably need a primer on just how to do that.  That’s the sole purpose of this hangout.

Next EpisodeBuilding modules using the DNN 8 MVC pattern

Side Note:  If you talk to, meet, or otherwise run into Ian Robinson, please thank him for creating dnndev.me.  The little bit of time that everyone in the community saves with this contribution is pretty awesome!

Show Notes

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