Will "the Mighty" Strohl

SQL Saturday was great!

Well, I just got back home from "SQL Saturday" in Heathrow, FL.  It was a really great event!  For it being the first one, it was well organized and had a great array of topics.

The location was great.  It was held at the newly built Seminole Community College (Heathrow Campus).  It is a really impressive facility.  They have done well integrating technology into the classroom (except for the bottom half of the project screens not being visible past the first row).  Thanks to those folks for letting us be there. 

The folks at oPASS did a great job as well.   (They are probably still all partying at Bahama Breeze right now.)  I am impressed.  I cannot wait until next year!  Special thanks for Andy Warren, who made sure that we could have this event in Orlando.  I doubt I would've been able to attend otherwise.  And also thanks to the rest of the oPASS gang. 

The last event I attended out here was .Net Code Camp.  This was put on very much the same way.  When I blogged about that one, I told you about a high point, and a low point.  I guess I can do that again.

Low Point:
There wasn't a keynote.

High Point:
I didn't lock my keys in the truck.  Woo hoo!

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