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Glass Half Full? It Depends on Which Side of the Glacier You're On

The word, "green", has quickly become the most popular buzz word around politics, businesses, and water coolers.  But just how green are folks?  When I say folk this time, I am speaking of businesses.  After all, businesses contribute more to the declining climate conditions than anyone.

I was just passed a link to a cool add-on for Internet Explorer 7 by BadBuster.  It highlights company names it finds in the text of the current web page, and gives you details on just how "green" that company really is.

It is not immediately clear what sources this organization supposedly uses, but if they are half right, these preliminary results are either morbid, or encouraging.  That all depends on your perspective. 

They intuitively place a Green (greenest), Yellow (some effort), or Red (hasn't bothered) line below the name of the company on any web page.  Hovering your mouse over the line will feed you more details as to how that company has reached (or not) that score. 

The score is a point system ranging from 1 (very bad) to 100.  They pool this score from a range of resources, most of which are not immediately noticeable.  However, clicking on the integrated pop-up gives you more information.  For example, see how Disney fares.  On details page like the one for Disney, you can see where the information comes from, and why they reached the score that they did.

Disney's Green Shot - This is what pops up with the add-on installed and enabled

That got me curious...  How are the nations most influential and profitable companies doing?  So I pulled up a listing of the current Fortune 100 companies, and I was very surprised and saddened at the results.

Only 20% of the Fortune 100 companies have achieved a green ranking. That is SAD.  Given the resources that these companies have, I expected MUCH more.  What's more, a whopping 28% come in as being red!  That basically means that they have done nothing!

To be fair, BadBusters obviously hasn't compiled scores on all companies.  For instance, in this same listing, 29% do not have a ranking.  That could easily sway the results either way, but still... The results should already be MUCH better.

Right now, the add-on is only available for Internet Explorer, but it looks like they are gauging interest for a Firefox plug-in using an e-mail newsletter sign-up on their home page.  So sign-up Firefox users!  :)

Below is a screenshot that I took today (12/03/2007).  This should give you an idea.

Summary: 20% green, 23% yellow, 28% red, and 29% unknown

In the top 10 alone, there are only 2 green companies.  None in the top 5.  However, the top 5 does have 4 in the red.  Does that balance it out?  :)

Fortune 100

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